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electric sauna heater 15 kw

Pillar IKI 15 kW

Largest model in the IKI-Kiuas Ltd.'s basic sauna heater line. The heater, which is in continuous production, was originally designed for communal saunas.

IKI-Kiuas Ltd.'s communally and professionally used sauna heaters are made thoroughly from stainless steel and their resistors are made from super strong AISI 309 stainless steel. Therefore they are well suited for heavy use.

According to the research done in Lappeenranta University IKI-Kiuas Ltd.'s electric heaters save energy in professional use. Thanks to their large mass of stones the heaters do not have to be switched on all the time because the stones slowly release warm air to the sauna room thus maintain the ideal bathing temperature. This releases less energy than heaters of the same capacity with less stones..

The heater is available with a separate control unit (Wave, Pro-B2 or Ondal CV31 with power booster)


  Size of sauna   16-26 m³
  Max. amount of stones   250 kg
  Height of the sauna heater   125 cm
  Diameter   42 cm
  Heating time   45-60 min.
  Fuse   3x20A
  Connecting cable   5x6 mm²


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hand made sauna stoveThis heater is built in Finland, hand-made from stainless steel and other high-quality materials that meet the most demanding standards.

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