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Installation instructions for Wood burning stoves

IKI wood-burning stove can be installed into a) a brick flue b) ceramic flue or c) an air-ventilated flue. With any other type of flue, please contact the manufacturer to discuss compatibility..

In privately-used saunas in recreational use, the chimney must be swept every three years. Privately-used saunas as well as communally-used saunas in frequent use require sweeping once a year.

Storing combustible materials (such as fuels) close to the fire space is forbidden.
All sootfires, even exhausted ones, must be reported to the fire authorities.
Heat up the stove once before bathing to burn off protective oil solvents. Note that afterwards you need to air the sauna room well.eter of the outer surface of the pipe is 115 mm.

The heating time for IKI stoves is about one hour depending on the size of the room and its ventilation. The recommended bathing temperature is 50–70 degrees Celsius.

Throwing water on the stove increases the temperature and the humidity in the sauna. The top of the pillar of stones creates more heat, while the sides create a gentler steam. Throwing seawater on the stove is forbidden.

  Original IKI stoves Design IKI stoves Chimneys

Model table | IKI Original sauna stoves

    Size of sauna Height of heater Diameter of heater Max. amount of stones  
  Mini-IKI 7-12 m³ 58 cm 48 cm 120 kg  
  Mini-IKI Plus 7-12 m³ 158 cm 48 cm 200 kg  
  Original IKI 10-25 m³ 65 cm 60 cm 240 kg  
  Original IKI Plus 10-25 m³ 165 cm 60 cm 300 kg  
  Maxi-IKI 20-30 m³ 75 cm 60 cm 300 kg  
  Maxi-IKI Plus 20-30 m³ 175 cm 60 cm 360 kg  
  Löyly-IKI 20-40 m³ 95 cm 52 cm 400 kg  

Model table | KIVI-IKI design sauna stoves

    Size of sauna Height of heater Radius Max. amount of stones  
  KIVI-IKI jr 10-20 m³ 116 cm 48 cm 200 kg  
  KIVI-IKI 15-30 m³ 151 cm 48 cm 260 kg  



Installation instructions:

heater instructionsIKI Wood burning stoves (Mini, Original, Maxi and Löyly-IKI)

heater instructionsKIVI-IKI Wood burning stoves (KIVI-IKI jr and KIVI-IKI)

heater instructionsIKI SL (Trough wall model)



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